Vizzeco, A Global Google Apps Partner Now Reselling Business Hangouts™

Vizzeco, A Global Google Apps Partner Now Reselling Business Hangouts™

Vizzeco, A Global Google Apps Partner Now Reselling Business Hangouts

Vizzeco and Altadyn have partnered to market Business Hangouts™.

Vizzeco is a provider of cloud-based technology, including Google’s suite of cloud applications, inbound marketing technology (via partnership with Hubspot) and Linux open source solutions (via partnership with Starnix). With an experienced and talented team, Vizzeco engages customers at both the SMB (Small to Mid-Size Business) and Enterprise Level, in a large variety of vertical markets – offering a complete one-stop-shop for IT needs. Vizzeco is known for its ability to save companies up to 70% on their costs of computing and communications, and reduce their environmental impact by up to 98%.

Vizzeco’s dual knowledge of Google Apps technologies in one hand, and the market needs for collaboration and conferencing technologies in the other hand, makes them a perfect sales partner for Business Hangouts™. Moreover, Vizzeco has a specific focus on large network marketing customers, who can leverage Business Hangouts as a key element of their growth strategy, with fast and huge return on their investment.

Commenting this partnership, Andrew Greig, CEO of Vizzeco, declared “with Hangouts recently being included in the Google Apps for Business support, BHO is the perfect complimentary offer for our customers. It is a ‘killer app’ to bring Hangouts to a level where companies can have the features, functionality and enterprise support at extremely competitive prices. The combination of Google Apps and BHO is simply the most inclusive business eco system of tools for businesses today. With HD video conferencing, collaboration, broadcasting capabilities, event organization, and monetization, this new combined offering will allow companies to communicate internally and with their customers at a new level of engagement. This exciting partnership gives Vizzeco a unique advantage in its offering of the dominant Social Business Platform to businesses globally.”

We are very excited about our global collaboration with Vizzeco, which has already started with an initial focus on Geographies such as Canada, Central America and the United States.