Compare Business Hangouts, Webex & Gotomeeting | Business Hangouts

Why choose us?

FeatureBusiness HangoutsWebExGoToMeeting/WebinarGoogle Hangouts
G Suite &
Calendar Integration
Record EventYES @ 60 fps
Unlimited Storage
YES @ 5 fps
Unlimited Storage
YES @ 15 fps
Unlimited Storage
Download & Special
Login Required
Webinars + Web
Conferencing included
Anonymized ChatYESNONONO
Charge for WebinarsYESNONONO
Supports up to 5,000
Multiple Login OptionsYESNONONO
Customizable Event
Signup pages & Emails
AffordablityStarts at $29$49+$100+N/A

How we compare to Google Hangouts, Hangouts on
Air, WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting/Webinar or Zoom

Super Simple to Use

With Business Hangouts you can have an event set up in less than 5 minutes. Other technologies require complex setup,installation of special software and lots of reading of setup material

Fully customizable event pages and emails

With Business Hangouts you can customize virtually all aspects of your Webinars or Web Conferencing. You can change images, fonts/text, language, logos, and even change the frequency of how many times you email reminders to event participants.

Very affordable

No extra fees for usage, and you pay for Webinars and Web Conferencing all under one subscription. Our competitors don’t offer this.

Webinars and Web Conferencing included

None of our competitors offer an all inclusive solution – with Webinars and Web Conferencing. With Business Hangouts you don’t need to have multiple subscriptions in order to have Web Conferences and Webinars.

No special software is required for attendees

When you host your event with Business Hangouts – your attendees/participants wont have to install any special software.

Super scalable

Business Hangouts allows you to host events with as many as 5,000 simultaneous users.